Never before have people been more connected to the physical things around them. Giving us data and insights that were previously unknown or unattainable.

IoT connects¬†mining companies with their valuable assets, whether it’s people at the rock face, mobile equipment or fixed plant. The captured data empowers the decision making process, enabling preemptive action to be taken for improved optimisation, operability and most importantly worker safety.


IoT is here to stay and that’s why IMEC mine equipment is designed to be connected.

With purpose built IoT enabled ports, our equipment is specifically designed to connect with Newtrax, a global leader in underground mine productivity & safety solutions. Knowing where your mobile plant is and how its performing has never been easier!

So whether you want to actuate an underground pump or increase ventilation with our louvred ventilation regulator, IMEC’s connected equipment and infrastructure gives you the control without having to leave your desk.