Recently IMEC GM Martyn Abbott travelled to Cornwall in the UK to meet with one of our clients. The area is an historic mining region not only in the UK or Europe, but throughout the world with mining dating back to the early Bronze age (around 2150 BC!).

With such a rich history its no wonder select mining regions across the Cornish landscape have been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, placing the historic mines next to world treasures such as the Great Wall of China & Machu Picchu.

Martyn took a walk around Pool where the ‘New Cooks Kitchen Shaft’ Headframe of the South Crofty Mine Stands boldly over the town along with many other historical sites.

It is great to see a renaissance in the resource sector developing in Europe, and none more so than in this region given its extensive history and recent stagnated mining industry. It was a great trip and I look forward visiting the region once again in the near future.