IMEC’s European team were engaged by Minas de Aguas Tenidas SAU (MATSA), for engineering and onsite support services as part of their construction of a new surface to underground refuelling system.

The project contributes to the overall establishment of the new Magdalena Mine at the MATSA operation, which was first commenced in 2013 and is one of the most exciting deposits discovered in Spain for decades.

IMEC’s engagement included the design of a bespoke system that will deliver diesel safely from a surface storage depot to two underground refuelling bays within the mine.

The system eliminates the need for any bulk transportation of fuel to the underground operation, resulting in a much more safe and efficient solution compared with more conventional tanker delivery methods.

Whilst IMEC has experience with engineering similar refuelling systems for other clients globally, it is the first project of its kind in Spain which is a region rich in mining history.

As a result, IMEC is delighted to be involved with such an exciting project and the excellent result it will provide to MATSA in the future and possibly other clients in the region who realise the benefits such a system can offer.