Completed: 2018

Location: Philippines

Key Points:

  • The engineering and design of a 340m³ concrete plug for a 9 megalitre vertical dam to support 60m of head pressure
  • Detailed construction methodology
  • Collaboration with site geotechnical engineers
  • Design of concrete plug steel reinforcement
  • Design of cast in spooling
  • Design of shotcrete formwork
  • Procurement support
  • Onsite construction management

The Brief

IMEC were engaged as a direct contractor to provide full EPCM services for the installation of a 9 megalitre dam concrete plug for a Life of Mine Primary Dewatering System.

The Challenge

Accessibility to the plug location was a key constraint and to fill a 9 megalitre vertical damn meant there was a large volume of concrete required.


IMEC were able to propose the use of SCC (Self Compacting Concrete) delivered directly to the plug location via a surface borehole. This enabled a high volume concrete pour without the need for vibration. To ensure final concrete strength was achieved, IMEC provided cast in thermocouples and data logger to monitor and record concrete curing temperatures.