IMEC is pleased to announce the successful completion of a primary ventilation upgrade project at WPG Resources Challenger Gold Mine in South Australia.

IMEC were engaged to provide Engineering, Equipment Supply, Onsite Installation and Commissioning services as part of the project.

WPG required an upgrade to their vent system and planned to do so through surface and underground infrastructure upgrades. IMEC were engaged to design and supply equipment which would support four parallel axial fans, surface mounted on a ventilation shaft collar.

The modular steelwork structure was designed to straddle the shaft opening and support four parallel Clemcorp CC1254, 110kW Axial Fan units complete with self-closing door assemblies designed for vertical applications.

The support structure was designed and constructed in compliance with Australian Standards, site standards and in accordance with IMEC’s ISO9001 certified Quality Management System. The complete assembly was trial assembled at the IMEC fabrication facility to guarantee perfect fitment when onsite.

The nature of the design was such that when the components were delivered to site, they could be affixed together adjacent to the shaft and then be slewed into place. This minimised any person’s exposure to the open shaft excavation and in keeping with IMEC’s and WPG’s focus in ensuring tasks are completed via the safest means possible.

The full package was assembled and commissioned on schedule and WPG have noted that the performance from the system is above the original design expectations.

The successful completion of this project marks a significant achievement for IMEC in demonstrating capabilities as not only an engineering firm, but a whole packaged solutions provider.

IMEC looks forward to providing ongoing support to WPG with other projects onsite and wish their team the best for 2017 and planning for mining of the “Challenger Deeps”.

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