[fusion_text]Just like going to your GP or dentist for a check up, routine structural inspections can help identify potential problems before they happen, keeping our people safe and our operations running as they should.

So what are some of the key considerations when carrying out inspections?

– Was the structure designed in the first place and are there drawings available?
– Design Life: How much longer does the asset need to last with considerations for LOM.
– What are the environmental conditions: How exposed is the asset to things like moisture, salt, etc.?
– What are the loads and are additional non-engineered loads on the structure
– How mission critical is the asset and what are the consequences of failure?
– What methods for remediation are available? Not every technique for remediation may be practical or available for a given asset/location.
So when you keep putting off that structural inspection, remember the dentist’s drill is never far away![/fusion_text]